A 22 year old, awkward, autistic artist residing in a seaside town along the south coast of England.

💜 I’m an illustrator working with both traditional and digital mediums; more often than not I incorporate the two to create my artistic, tradigital style.

I’m inspired by artists with unique styles, such as Skottie Young, Camilla D’Errico and Lois van Baarle.

My style has been described as vivid, aesthetically pleasing and sometimes macabre with cute elements intertwined. I use strong line work and like to keep a rough, comic-book-esque feel to my drawings. I enjoy venturing out of the norm with my illustrations and artwork in general.

I mostly work with fine-liner and brush pens to create the line-art and some shading. I then scan and import the lineart into Adobe Photoshop; I colourise the work digitally in layers, on a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet.

I have worked with a variety of clients on a wide array of commissions including: logo and tattoo designs, streaming emotes and portrait commissions. 💜