University Portfolio

Traditional Illustrations

Here I have a collection of finished traditional illustrations that I created during 2020. The mediums I often work in include watercolour, acrylic, paint pens and fine liners.

Digital Illustrations

Using my Cintiq tablet, I work in Photoshop to create digital illustrations. I really enjoy working with aesthetically pleasing colour palettes.


My camera of choice is a Canon 7D, my subjects of choice are primarily animals, nature and inanimate objects.

Special Interest

For the image demonstrating one of my many interests, I chose neurodiversity. As an autistic individual, I have naturally always had an interest in neurodiversity. To create an image representing this, I chose to illustrate a brain in technicolour. As the rainbow is often used to represent neurodiversity (along with the infinity symbol), I felt that splashes of colour would communicate uniqueness, creativity and individuality.

Favourite Book

For the image depicting my favourite book or film, I decided to illustrate Johnathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. This book has held a place in my heart since I was a child. It taught me the importance of believing in yourself, following your dreams and goals and not being afraid to sway from social norms and expectations. I used seagull references to create this image; I wanted to capture them in flight, demonstrating their agility and beauty.


Here are some examples of my sketches and practice illustrative work.

Moving Image

These are moving image pieces that I created while studying Digital Art and Creative Media at college. Although these are a few years old now, they demonstrate my ability to use creative software, my knowledge of editing and my creativity.

“All Sewed Up” – 2015

This was a movie trailer I created for a unit during my first year. I really enjoy the use of black and white as I feel this gave an eerier tone to the trailer. This was my first piece work using moving image.

“Be Together” – 2016

I worked on a music video for a pop song I really liked; I incorporated animation into the music video as I wanted to get a taste for the medium.

“Omen” – 2017

Creating another music video, I tried to use more special effects to make a grittier music video.

“Is” – 2017

I incorporated animation a little more into this music video, the music being a soundtrack from one of my favourite animes.

“The Swimming Butterfly” – 2017

This was a serious attempt at animation for my final project of the year, I was completely self-taught and created the animation in Photoshop. I also composed and played the music for the video.